Just as it sounds in the name, Liberalism is at the very core of everything the Liberal Student Party does and stands for. We want each student who is part of our party to have complete freedom and responsibility for the causes they advocate for. As Leiden University’s newest student party, we want to pave the way for the long road ahead of the party by strengthening ourselves through a few central goals. Next to these central ones, we also have faculty-specific goals.


Students who want to explore and develop themselves next to their studies deserve to be supported and stimulated in all of their extracurricular endeavours. We want to achieve this by committing ourselves to raising the board allowances and granting ECTs to students for organising relevant extracurricular activities.


The LSP is an advocate for students to have the possibility to garner practical experience by means of (part-time) internships and similar activities. We also advocate for this to be possible at an earlier stage during the bachelor track.


Enrolling for courses has proven to be a stressful hassle each time it comes looking around the corner again. This is why the LSP encourages the university to maintain automatic enrolment where possible. This would prevent students from paying large sums of tuition fees and still have to deal with seminar groups or exams that are already full.


The LSP wants the university to create more study areas, rearrange existing study areas, and open the Asian Library, and other more restricted areas, up to be more accessible.


Digitaal nakijken en inzien tentamens universiteitsbreed invoeren. Niet alleen verkrijgen studenten overzichtelijker hun feedback, ook de nakijktermijn kan worden verkort. Zo willen wij een redelijk aantal dagen tussen uitslag tentamen en hertentamen garanderen en op de handhaving hiervan toezien.


Sustainability has a high place on our list of important matters which we advocate for. However, we do believe that there has to be a balance between sustainability and comfort. For example, if you don’t have a water bottle with you, it should still be possible to buy one at the university. In addition to this, the separation of waste should be portrayed more clearly as the impractical symbols shown on the various waste bins around the university may look nice, but often hinder students in knowing exactly what goes in which bin.


The LSP is a hard advocate in wanting the university to invest more in the staff’s proficiency in English. There should be a certain level at which tutors and professors can read, write, and speak in English if the university wants to be as international as it has become in the past few years. 


The LSP is an advocate of there being one single platform on which all information between students and the university should be. This should entail general information regarding the university, the faculty in question or programme-specific information. This could be achieved through an app for example.


The cafeteria in the library should be expanded and serve meals in order to lighten the load on  the restaurant in the Lipsius building. The opening times at the Lipsius restaurant should be expanded as well.

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